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  • Safe launcher constructed of commercially available components

  • Impressive launches

Demo Launcher
Demo Launcher

Paper rocket construction

Items needed:

  • Copy paper

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Toilet paper

  • 1/2 inch PVC pipe -12 to 18 inches in length

  • Upgrades: Fin and Nose Cone templates

If you need to watch a video to get extra help with making the paper rocket, we have a YouTube channel with instructional videos to help you out. You can click the following link or watch the video down below.

Paper rocket construction


  • Rocket Body: Wrap one sheet of Copy paper around PVC pipe, tape it and slide it off

  • Nose Cone: Cut out swept shape and roll into cone, fit it over body tube and tape the outside wrap and then tape to body tube.

  • Nose Cone weight and cushion: Roll and insert two sheets of double ply toilet paper into open end of body tube and push it up toward the nose cone with the PVC pipe. Repeat.

  • Mount Fins: Cut out 3 fins and fold into a ‘W’ shape. Tape evenly spaced fins to bottom third of Rocket Body

  • Ready for Launch!

Rocket patterns

Before you finish gathering your rocket-making materials check out our rocket patterns to see if you want to add any designs to your rocket.

Stomp Rocket Launcher List of Parts


4 "to 6" ClogBuster

1/2" PVC garden hose adapter

1/2" PVC pipe

1/2" PVC pipe

1/2" PVC pipe

1/2" PVC pipe

1/2" PVC pipe

1/2" PVC cross tee slip

1/2" PVC cap slip

1/2" PVC elbow slip

4oz pvc cement

1/2" x 394in Teflon tape

Qty needed

1 each

1 each

24 in

10 in

10 in

18 in

5 in

1 each

2 each

1 each

1 each

0.02538071066 roll